Rihanna by Camilla Akrans for Harper’s Bazaar US

Rihanna by Camilla Akrans

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Photographer Camilla Akrans

To date, 33 year old Camille Akrans is a major fashion photographer in Sweden. She also travels around the world and takes off for the guiding fashion publications (Italian Elle, German Tush)

When Akrans just started his way in feshen industry in 1998, making the survey for the Swedish edition Bibel, she and her stylist Robert Rutberg with a zero budget for the survey in addition to photography she worked sewing clothes and cooking coffee and sandwiches for the models. Camilla now, fifty years later, can afford the services of the best stylists and model agenst the world.

Camilla is not interested in the description of reality, it never took on the establishment of a traditional portrait or a genre picture. In his photographs she creates an event inspired by fairy tales, or fantastikoy.Ona always based on stories in which models play different roles, often new images arise already at work.

Camilla rarely works in the studio, predopchitaya interior, exterior, where the basic background work the sky, the sand walls.